Immersion for Results

Immersion for Results


The Immersion for Results by Olga Amorim is a learning experience that will change your perception of yourself and how you interact with people around you in your social, professional and leisure time. Learn how to exceed and be a better version of yourself.

Date: 8th October

Location: Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott ****

Schedule: 9am to 5.30pm

The event is limited to 30 attendees. In case we do not reach the minimum number of registrations, we will reschedule so that you can enjoy the full experience.

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Unique, Inclusive and Transformative Immersion for Results!

magine the opportunity to immerse yourself in unique and inclusive methodologies designed to drive your professional and personal growth and to overcome your prfessional challenges. This is more than just an event; it’s a transformative experience in an exquisite setting carefully selected to enhance your professional results.

Reasons why you shouldn’t miss this opportunity:

  • Unique and innovative methodologies: Discover proven strategies that will transform how you view your business and how you see yourself within your business.
  • Elite Networking Experience: You will have the opportunity to connect with highly successful professionals to establish connections that will undoubtedly last beyond the event.
  • Training Materials: You will be able to use training materials such as paints, modeling clay, among others.
  • Unique experience: Enjoy an inspiring environment at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott ****, designed to stimulate your creativity and innovation.

Agenda – “Immersion for Results”


9 – 10am – Presentation and ice breaking
10 – 10:30am – Behavioral lenses and their impact on your behavioral image
10.30 – 11am – Breakfast
11 – 12:30pm – Behavioral image management – indicators, posture and attitudes, negotiation and persuasion (Use of materials and mediators such as paints, modeling clay, clay, among others)

12:30 – 2:30pm – Lunch with Elite Networking


2:30 – 3:30pm – Identify and apply behavioral process reengineering in your company, in your function in order to impact your results:
a) Transformational leadership
b) Management of organizational strategies with a view to maximizing results
c) Definition of operational and behavioral business objectives
d) How to impact your business, identifying hidden costs and making the most of up to 40% of your employees’ time

3:30 – 5:00 PM – Talent Retention Practices (culture, recognition, work-life balance, autonomy and empowerment with purpose) 

  1. a) Positive and Non-Toxic Professional Relationships – Happiness in organizations

4:30 – 5pm – Presentation by 2 Portuguese Entities in Newwark (15m each)
5 – 5:30pm – Closing of the event (final evaluation)

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